Mandarine, Plum, Saffron
Turkey Rose Abs, Jasmine, Honey
Beeswax Abs, Clary Sage Abs
Dry Down:
Cypriol, Patchouly Abs, Oakmoss
Ambergris, Incense, White Musk Accord
Gurjum Balsam, Myrrh, Guaiac Wood
Cistus Abs, Moss Absopop, Agarwood
Styrax, Ambrette Seeds


The inspiration is the East, seduction, elegance and preciousness.
A creation synonymous of graciousness, passion and glamour, built on an exclusive selection of unedited and unforgettable ingredients, the daring Turkish Rose Absolute, the enveloping Beeswax Absolute and the blend of fresh, spiced and pulpy nuances. The jus seduces the sense of smell through the harmony of provocative notes: Mandarin, Jasmine and exciting touches of Saffron.
The richness sheer of Woody Accords makes the fragrance decant all its beauty to infinity, leaving behind an unforgettable memory.