Bergamot, Lemon Sfumatrice
Ginger, Orange, Davana
Jasmine Sambac Abs, Egyptian Jasmine Abs
Coffee Pure JETM, Ylang Ylang
Turkey Rose Super Essence, Petitgrain
Petitgrain-Bigarade JETM, Nutmeg
Pimiento Leaves, Pepper Sichuan Neo JETM
Green Pepper Neo JETM, Clary Sage
Incense Super Essence,AntilloneTM
Dry Down:
Helicrisium Pure JETM Abs
Patchouly, Incense Resinoide
Vetyver, Styrax, Cashmere Wood
Civette Abs, EveeTM

It is an unedited, fresh, bright, deep and tenacious weave.
The citrusy energetic top of Ginger, Davana and Orange Essences, creates totally modern emotions and sensations. The citrusy impulse engages magically in a heart full of contrasts, composed by prosperous floral bouquet, Jasmine Sambac Absolute, Egyptian Jasmine Absolute, Ylang Ylang Essence and Turkish Rose Super Essence. The fresh reflections of Petit Grain Essence and Petit Grain-Bigarade JE™ and surprising nuances of Coffee Pure JETM, Pepper Sichuan Neo JE™, Green Pepper Neo JE™, Incense Super Essence and Nutmeg Essence open a mysterious, unique and memorable olfactory dream. The bottom surprises with an unique combination of notes of Helicrisium Pure JE™ Abs, Incense Resinoide, Civette Abs and Essences of Patchouly, Vetyver and Styrax for an extreme and unforgettable sillage.